Minutes Coolcrest POA Mtg Apr 16, 2024

Meeting was held at the Christian Family Baptist Church and was called to order at 7:32 PM by President, Gabe Lara.

Old Business

Representatives from Bexar County Public Works, Tony Vasquez, Division Chief, Robert Delaney, Superintendent Cagnon Service Center, Rodrigo Solis, Assistant Superintendent Cagnon, Johnny Luna, Superintendent, Traffic Division, and Julio Ramos, consultant.

Robert Delaney explained that we could request bulk pickup and brush pickup once a year if we had a secured area where dumpsters could be placed from Friday evening until Monday morning. An email request to him would suffice. Hazardous pickup would need to be requested through Tony Vasquez. They are also responsible for trimming trees on the right of way and checking and clearing drain pipes in the right of way.

Johnny Luna explained that his department is responsible for lights, striping, signs and studies.

Consultant Julio Ramos explained that a Speed Analysis and Safety Enhancement study on Silver Maple was done. There are1500 cars a day, 85% were at an average speed of 35 mph and the peak time is 8 AM to 7 PM. The goal is to slow down traffic and reduce cut through traffic. Recommendations were flashing signs, police enforcement and mini roundabouts at the intersections of both Poinciana and Eucalyptus with Silver Maple. (an example of a mini roundabout is on Hausmann just off Bandera). Cost would be approximately $200,00 each with 2 solar light poles at each. Funding possibly this year or next. Julio will get us information on the study and a sample letter explaining the recommendation. Tony requested a community support letter before pursuing this plan.

Amanda Gonzalez is a candidate in the upcoming runoff election for County Commissioner Precinct 1 and stated that her main concern was infrastructure and wanted a survey done on where you think the money should be spent. She also addressed public safety and the need for more deputies in Precinct 1.

Patty Hernandez from the office of Rebeca Clay-Flores, County Commissioner Precinct 1 spoke on the actions that have been taken such as Food Drive, Earth Day Fest April 21, a new sheriff’s substation on Old Talley Rd., and animal control center is coming on Cagnon Rd., a mural at Mission County Park, and meetings being held regarding Talley Community Park. She also stated that they would be contacting Chief Deputy Molleda about patrolling in our area and that the Commissioner is in support of the mini roundabouts. She handed out Constituent Resources Guides.

Minutes from the Oct. 24, 2023 meeting were read and approved.

Treasurer’s report was read and approved. Corporate Federal Tax Return and State Franchise Tax Return have been filed timely.

New Business

Linda spoke on the recent water rate hike. System Improvement Charges were approved for a $6.14 increase from $8.48 to $14.62. This months increase was only $3.57 and not sure why but expect to see the full amount next month.

Gabe had attempted to find out the cost of getting additional street lights but was unsuccessful. We will revisit this after the mini roundabouts issue is settled.

Open Forum

Albert stated that the house at 12006 Bois D’Arc is still not completed after almost 2 years. A letter will be sent to the owner.

Next meeting July 16. 2024

Meeting adjourned at 9:03 PM

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