Helpful Numbers


Emergency – 911


Bexar County Sheriffs Department

(210) 335-6000   Non-emergency number

Geronimo Village Volunteer Fire Deptartment

(210) 679-7051

 Animal Pick-Up or Animal Bites!


Wildlife Rescue Center

(830) 336-2725  this is a 34 hour hotline

Bexar County Infrastructure (Cagnon Service Center)

(210) 631-0220
Road Maintenance,  Property Easement Mowing, Sign Replacement and Repair

Bexar County Code Compliance

(210) 335-6700
This agency enforces the codes necessary for a property owner to maintain the condition of the structure on the property and the general maintenance of the property such as dumping junk, having excessive weeds, allowing a structure to fall into disrepair, smell of sewage. etc. They also enforce the codes regarding dumpsters, restaurants, and general public health issues in all businesses.


(210) 623-4431