Coolcrest Meeting Agenda Jan 21, 2020

Read and approve minutes from Oct 15, 2019 meeting

Read and approve Treasurer’s report

Update from EPA, representatives will be on hand

Old Business

1. City of San Antonio Military Protection Ordinance

New Business

New Yahoo account

Election of officers

Next Meeting April 21, 2020

Adjourn Meeting

Election of POA officers 1/21/2020





The primary mission of the Coolcrest Property Owners Association, Inc. (Coolcrest POA) is to ensure property owners’ rights and concerns are addressed and that property values are protected in accordance with deed restrictions. In recent years, the Coolcrest POA has been successful in fighting our water company to keep our rates low, shutting down illegally run businesses in a residential area, keeping a fireworks stand from opening in our neighborhood, and speed control and installation of street lights on Silver Maple. The board is also responsible for approving plans for any new construction in our neighborhood.

Several of our board members have served on the board for several years now and are ready to pass the torch. As we enter a new decade, the Coolcrest POA is looking for individuals who value our property rights and safety concerns of all our residents.

On January 21, 2020, at 7:30 PM, the following positions will be up for election at our next Coolcrest POA meeting held at the Christian Family Baptist Church, located at 1589 Grosenbacher Rd,

Classroom 1. Below is a brief description of the duties for each of the positions:

1.       President – preside over all meetings, sign all written documents approved by the board, and call meetings when necessary

2.       Vice President – act in place of the President during absence, assist the President when necessary

3.        Secretary – keep record of all meetings, serve notices of meetings of the board, keep appropriate current records showing the names of the members, and sign as secretary all written instruments approved by the board;

4.       Treasurer – receive and deposit all funds of the Coolcrest POA, maintain books to account for funds, disburse and withdraw funds, and prepare financial statements;

5.       Sergeant at Arms – maintain order at all meetings, assist in the signing in of members and visitors, assist the president as needed.

We need your active participation in the Property Owners Association to ensure that your property values continue to be protected and property owners’ rights and concerns are addressed. 

Hope to see you January 21, 2020.


Gabe LaraPresident, Coolcrest POA210-854-6290