Minutes for Apr 6, 2021 POA Meeting

Meeting was held at the Christian Family Baptist Church and also through Zoom. It was called to order at 6:32 PM by President Gabriel Lara.

Prior to the business portion, Stephen Tzhone of the EPA made a presentation regarding the status of the River City Metal Finishing Superfund Site Project. The Risk assessment has been completed and no unacceptable risks were found. Public documents for this study can be found at https://cumulis.epa.gov/supercpad/SiteProfiles/index.cfm?fuseaction=second.scs&id=0606915&doc=Y&colid=36688&region=06&type=SC. The Feasibility Study is not needed as there is no risk. Other agencies involved have agreed with the EPA report. The next step is the Proposed Plan Stage which will include recommendations to the community and will probably show no further action is needed. There will be a formal community meeting in the summer of 2021. The final step, Records of Decision, should be completed by the winter of 2021. If someone is interested in the property , they can contact Stephen Tzhone at 214-665-8409 or Jason McKinney at 214-665-8132 who will put you in contact with the EPA Reuse team and their legal team. If any new information comes up in the future, this case can be re-opened.

Michael Blair from US Representative Tony Gonzales’ office spoke and said if there are any issues with a Federal agency, they can contact their office for assistance. He also gave an overview of what Tony is doing.

Patty Hernandez from Commissioner Precinct 1 Rebecca Clay-Flores’ office said that residents can call their office if they have any issues. The Commissioner has met with various Bexar County departments and the Constable’s office has been approved for 2 more positions. Patty can be reached at 210-335-2891 or 210-335-2611 or email patty.hernandez@bexar.org or commissionerpct1@bexar.org.

Minutes from the Jan 21,2020 meeting were read and approved

Treasurer report was read and approved

Old Business

Residents feel that the entrance to the subdivision is too narrow. Gabe will check on it with TXDOT.

A Certificate of Compatibility is now required by the city before any new construction, expansion of existing homes/buildings or change of land use can start.

New Business

Future meetings will be limited in person or via Zoom until the COVID situation changes.

Ms. Rodriguez secured enough funds through Go Fund Me to pay for the repair of the entrance signs. The work is in progress.

Election of Officers will be held at the May Meeting

Open Forum

The Deed Restrictions are very outdated and Gabe would like to see a committee formed of at least 3 members to review to see if anything can be done, or determine if the residents even want to do anything. Will try to set this up after the election of the board next month.

Gabe mentioned that he is concerned about the elderly who can not get out. Please let us know if you are aware of anyone needing help.

Tracy mentioned that we have 4 street lights cost $130-$140 per month. We have no money coming in and she suggested that we turn them off as nobody cares. Richard said that to turn them back on would be costly. Suggested we keep them on until the money runs out.

Next Meeting May 11, 2021 at 6:30 PM

Meeting adjourned at 8:12 PM

Agenda for Coolcrest POA Mtg Apr 6, 2021

Read and approve minutes from Jan 21, 2020 meeting

Read and approve Treasurer’s report

Update from EPA. Representatives will be on hand

Old Business

  1. City of San Antonio Military protection Ordinance
  2. Entrance to neighborhood curb not wide enough

New Business

Meetings via ZOOM

Entrance sign repairs

Election of officers to be held in May

Open Forum

Next Meeting TBD

Adjourn Meeting

Coolcrest Meeting Agenda Oct. 15, 2019

Read and approve minutes from July 16, 2019 meeting

Read and approve Treasurer’s report

Open Forum

Officer from Pct 1 Constable’s office will provide some safety tips

Candidate for 23rd Congressional District , Tony Gonzales, will have a presentation

Residents to be heard

Update from EPA representatives will be on hand

Old Business

  1. Letters sent to property owners
  2. Brick sign at entrance to subdivision
  3. Cleanup at Potranco and Silver Maple
  4. City of San Antonio Military Protection Ordinance

New Business

Next Meeting January 21, 2020 (Election of Officers)

Adjourn Meeting