Minutes for Oct. 15, 2019 POA Meeting

Meeting was held at the Christian Family Baptist Church and was called to order at 7:37 PM by President Gabriel Lara.

Minutes from the July 16, 2019 meeting were read and approved.

Treasurer’s report was read and approved.

Open Forum

  1. Deputies Chavez and Pacheco from Precinct #1 Constable’s Office gave a presentation as to their duties.  Their office is at 3505 Pleasanton Rd. and consists of 18 officers.  They assist city police and sheriff.  They handle traffic control and civil cases.  If you have a complaint/concern, put it in writing or an email to the constable and they will check it out.  A brochure was handed out.
  2. Tony Gonzales, a candidate of US Congress, introduced himself and talked about his background, qualifications, and plans for the district if elected.   He also handed out a brochure.
  3. We then had speakers from Bexar County Public Works Department.  Kurt Franz handles traffic issues .  We asked him to do a new traffic study on Silver Maple.  Tony Picasso deals with Capital Improvements  and I was working with him regarding sidewalks in Coolcrest.  The project would involve moving cables, pipes and determining if flood issues would be involved.  Much more costly than originally thought so not possible at this time. Tony Vasquez handles maintenance issues.  Gabe is currently working with Robert Delaney about brush/bulky pickup in our area.  A resident brought up that White Ash was not redone the last time due to bees and now the road is coming up.  Tony took the information and will check it out.  You can call the Cagnon Service Center at 210-631-0220.
  4. Stephen Tzhone from EPA gave us a slide presentation  on the cleanup of the old River City Metal Plating property.  They are now in the Remedial Investigation phase where they collect field data.  There is a well onsite that has high levels of chromium but preliminary testing shows it is localized.  This phase will take 2-5 years.  The latest testing of our water shows everything is good.

Old Business

  1. Letters were sent to property owners not in compliance with the deed restriction.  No responses were received.  Gabe found no record of a license for the barbershop on Tallowood.  He will contact Code Compliance regarding the garage business on Grapevine.  TCEQ checked out the barrels on Poinciana and no citations were issued.
  2. I have not heard back from the contractor regarding the entry sign replacement or repair.  A resident works for a contractor but the main people are out of town until next week.  She will check with them. 
  3. I confirmed with TXDOT that the trees at Silver Maple and Potranco that are blocking our line of sight are on personal property and not the Right of Way.  Gabe will schedule a time to cut them down as we have the owner’s permission to do so.  To move the utility pole that is in the way, we would have to pay each entity involved to move it.
  4. The City of San Antonio Military Protection Ordinance was passed.  One item is a $250.00 fee to see if your project is in compliance.  Not sure if just new developers or all individuals.  Gabe wrote letters to Phil Cortez and Peter Flores asking for clarification. 

New Business


Next Meeting  January 21, 2020 (Election of Officers)

Meeting adjourned at 9:27 PM