Meeting Minutes from January 14, 2014

Meeting was held at Christian Family Baptist Church and was called to order at 7:30 PM by President Tracy Pickering

Minutes from Nov. 12, 2013 meeting were read and approved.

Treasurer’s report was read and approved.

Old Business

Water Rate Hike:  We have 111 signatures on the petitions against the water rate hike and combined with 102 email protests and 152 signatures from Country Bend we have a total of 365 which is more than the required 323.  Petitions will be mailed to TCEQ tomorrow.  When a hearing is scheduled, Linda will let everyone know.

Deed Restrictions:  12153 Poinciana – The county sent them a letter Dec 23, 2013 to remove everything. They will follow-up on  Jan, 23. 2014 and if still not in compliance, the county will refer the matter to the courts.

Potranco Rd. Expansion  Utilities still being moved.  Road construction probably won’t start until summer 2014.  Discussion about the damaged entrance sign.  It was decided to check into cutting the damaged part off and sealing the remaining bricks.  Albert & Richard will check into this.

Speed Bumps:  Application denied due to lack of curbed street (Silver Maple) but Mr. Franz is willing to work with us to see if anything else can be done.  He suggested school children signs at the corners where children are picked up and asking the Sheriff’s dept to patrol for speeders.  He will also check into more speed limit signs as Coolcrest is now a cut through for cars from Amhurst. Suggestion made to ask for stop signs at Bois D’Arc and Eucalyptus.  Linda will pursue with the county.

Stop Sign @ Grapevine & Yellow Birch:  Sharon said that it is still a problem.  Linda will mention this to Mr. Franz.

New Business

Food Bank:  The Food Bank will distribute food at Christian Family Baptist Church on Feb 14, 2014 from 2:30 – 4:00 PM.  They hope to do this 4 times a year.  People needing food must contact Pastor Rob at 210-663-2249 or by Feb 10 to be put on the list.  Pastor Rob would like some volunteers from Coolcrest to help that day.  Linda will send an email.

Flea Market:  We will wait until the March meeting to see how the construction is going at Potranco Automotive.

7 Certificates of Deposit are coming up for renewal.  It was decided to move them to a 13 month promotional term with a 1.10% APY rate.

Election of 2014 Officers

Nominations were taken and votes cast by a show of hands.  The results were  President: Richard Garza 14 votes and Tracy Pickering 1 vote.

Vice President: Albert Siller 14 votes and Tracy Pickering 1 vote

Secretary:  Linda Patillo unopposed

Treasurer:  B.F.(Frank)  Partee unopposed

Sgt. at Arms:  Eldon Rhodes unopposed

Open Forum

Mr. Isennock asked if we were still pursing action against the apartments at 12315 Bois D’Arc.  Mrs. Aguirre, a neighbor to this property, mentioned several issues that she has had with this owner.  As our current attorney has failed to respond to us regarding this matter, it was decided that Linda would send Mr. Weber a termination of contract and then the POA board will contact Allen, Stein & Durbin to discuss this issue.

The next meeting will be moved to March 18, 2014 as the second Tuesday is during Spring Break and people are out of town.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30 PM