Minutes for July 12, 2016 POA Meeting

Meeting was held at the Christian Family Baptist Church and was called to order at 7:40 PM by President Eldon Rhodes.

Minutes from the May 10. 2016 meeting were read and approved

Treasurer’s report was read and approved

Old Business

Speed monitor sign was installed today but is not working yet.

Frank finally talked to the owner of the lot across from Tinka Taco and they do not want the railroad ties to block parking there.

New Business


Open Forum

Eldon reiterated the purpose and guidelines for the open forum

Richard has removed numerous For Sale signs and a Roofing Ad sign from around the bulletin board and the entrance to the subdivision

4 Way stop – people are still rolling through or running the stop sign.

New home construction on Tallowood has been stopped for awhile so a letter will be sent to the owner reminding them of deed restriction on construction time limit.

Linda will check with Pape Dawson on Potranco Rd. project about the pipelines that are being installed and timelines now.

Question raised about the parking of 18 wheelers in the neighborhood.  They can be parked on the property but not in the street.  Call the non-emergency number for the Sherriff’s department.

Next meeting changed to Sept 20 as 3 board members will be out of town on the regular meeting date of Sept 13.

Meeting adjourned at 8:00 PM


Agenda for July 12, 2016 POA Meeting

Call meeting to order

Old Business.

  1. Review and approve minutes of  May 10, 2016 meeting.
  2. Review and approve Treasurer’s  report
  3. Update on speed monitor sign at subdivision entrance
  4. Report on using railroad ties to restrict parking on lot across from Tink-A-Taco

New Business.

  1. None

Open Forum

  1.  Purpose
  2. Guidelines
  3. Open floor for discussion

Next meeting Sept. 13, 2016

Adjourn meeting