Minutes for Mar. 14, 2017 POA Meeting

Meeting was held at the Christian Family Baptist Church and was called to order at 7:32 PM by President Eldon Rhodes.

Minutes from the Jan. 10, 2017 meeting were read and approved.

Treasurer’s report was read and approved.

Old Business

Eldon, Richard, and Linda met with the owner of the property at 11912 Potranco on Mar. 11, 2017 to discuss the sale of fireworks on that property.  The owner, Mr. Bhinder, did not agree with the POA’s decision to prohibit the sale of fireworks anywhere in the Coolcrest Subdivision.  He also brought up the loss of a lease on that property for a bar & grill and was told by the lessee that the board had said no to having that business.  We explained that they never brought any plans to us for approval so there was no decision.  He then requested approval to move a mobile office onto that property for a liquor store.  The initial decision was no as the building was mobile but after further review of the deed restrictions pertaining to commercial property a letter will be sent agreeing if all deed restrictions are met and he adheres to the no fireworks decision.

New Business

Decision made to postpone the April Flea Market due to the road construction & safety issues.  A decision will be made at the May meeting whether or not to hold one in June.  Linda will send email to notify everyone and update website.

Litter pickup not needed as Richard has already done it.  Thanks Richard

Open Forum

Nothing brought up

Next meeting will be May 9, 2017.

Meeting adjourned at 7:47 PM


POA Meeting Agenda March 14, 2017

Read and approve minutes from Jan. 10, 2017 meeting.

Read and approve treasure’s report.

Old Business

  • Owner of the old El Gato tire business has agreed to meet with the POA board members to discuss fireworks stand.

New Business

  • Postpone April 1, flea market due to Potranco Road construction.
  • Litter pickup

Open Forum

Next Meeting May 9, 2017

Adjourn Meeting