Minutes for May 10, 2016 POA Meeting

Meeting was held at the Christian Family Baptist Church and was called to order at 7:30 PM by President Eldon Rhodes.

Minutes from the March 8, 2016 meeting were read and approved.

Treasurer’s report was read and approved.

Old Business.

The speed monitor sign has been received by Bexar County Public Works but was missing some parts.  When those are received, it will be installed.

Dumpster Availability – Eldon & Albert met with Bexar County Public Works rep to discuss this issue.  They found out that this would be open to everyone and not just Coolcrest residents.  Any damage on the property used would be our responsibility along with other areas of responsibility.  Albert checked and there are no other scheduled dump days in this area.  Issue tabled for now.

Bulletin board sign has been updated with new meeting place address and website info

Trash pickup was cancelled as Richard had already picked everything up.  Thanks Richard.

At a prior meeting, residents at Madrona and Yellow Birch had complained of flooding.  This is not a POA issue but recently  Eldon met with the residents and Bexar County Public Works.  It was learned that the developer’s submitted plan was not accurate and therefore, flooding was occurring.  Public Works will get with the developer.

New Business

No response from Frank regarding his contact with owner of property across from Tinka Taco and our proposal to place railroad ties across property line to keep vehicles from parking there.  Eldon will check with Frank and if no contact has been made, a letter will be sent to owner.

Open Forum

Eldon explained purpose of open forum – Issues must be pertinent to subdivision.  It must be something that the POA has the authority and means to act on.  It is not a bitch session. If appropriate, it will be listed on the next meeting’s agenda for consideration.

Next meeting July 12, 2016

Meeting adjourned at 7:50 PM


Agenda for May 10 POA Meeting

Call meeting to order

Old Business.

  1. Review and approve minutes of  March 8, 2016 meeting.
  2. Review and approve Treasurer’s  report
  3. Update on speed monitor sign at subdivision entrance
  4. Update on dumpster availability
  5. Updated sign on bulletin board for meeting place
  6. Trash pickup scheduled for March 26 cancelled
  7. Report on meeting with Bexar County Public Works regarding flooding on Madrona.

New Business.

  1.  Discuss option of using railroad ties to restrict parking on lot across from Tink-A-Taco

Open Forum

  1.  Purpose
  2. Guidelines
  3. Open floor for discussion

Next meeting July 12, 2016

Adjourn meeting