Minutes for July 10, 2018 POA Meeting

Meeting was held at the Christian Family Baptist Church and was called to order at 7:30 PM by President, Eldon Rhodes.

Minutes from the May 8, 2018 meeting were read and approved.

Treasurer’s report was read and approved.

Old Business

Some brush and grass were removed from the entrance  to help motorists to be able to see oncoming traffic better.  Thank you to Richard and Eldon.

New Business

There is a hearing July 12, 2018 to determine if Southwest Water Company is a Class A or Class B utility.  Indications are that this will be a drawn out process.  Phase I proposed rates will go into effect Sep. 24, 2018.  This is only temporary until the final rates are agreed upon.

The old River City Metal Finishing Co. property on Potranco Rd between Potranco Automotive and Lone Star Cross Fit had been placed on the National Priority List for cleanup by the EPA.  It has been approved and the EPA has scheduled a community hearing for Aug 14, 2018 from 6:30 to 8:30 PM here at the church.  At that time they will explain what they will be doing to get this cleaned up so that our water supply stays safe which it is right now.

Richard has suggested that the POA send letters to the owners of 18 wheeler vehicles that are parking in our subdivision advising them of the new county signs that prohibit these types of vehicles from entering except for local deliveries. A motion was voted on and approved for letters to be sent if the Sheriff’s department won’t send them.  Linda is talking with Deputy Marquez to see what can be done but it is still the responsibility of a resident to call the Sheriff if they see a violation.

Garage sale signs are still being posted at the entrance.  It was voted on and approved that letters be sent to violators.  Richard provided the address, 11906 White Birch, of the last sign he removed.

Open Forum

Larry asked if anyone knew if the Geronimo Fire Department had stopped having their BBQ dinners.  Richard said that they are now funded by the ESD so probably don’t need the funds anymore.

It was pointed out that a tree at the southwest corner of Poinciana and Silver Maple is blocking the speed limit sign.  Also, there is a rut in the cul de sac on Eucalyptus.  Linda will report these to Bexar County Public Works.

It was brought up that their are residents who seem to be working on other than their personal cars at their houses.  A discussion was held.

Next meeting is September 11, 2018

Meeting adjourned at 8:18 PM



Coolcrest POA Meeting Agenda July 10

Call Meeting to order

Read and approve minutes from May 8, 2018 meeting

Read and approve treasures report

Old Business

  1. Brush and grass removal at subdivision entrance.

New Business

  1. Update on Water Rate Hike fight
  2. Info on EPA cleanup of the River City Metal Finishing Co. property
  3. Notices to 18 wheeler owners in subdivision
  4. Notices to garage sale sign posters

Open Forum

Next Meeting Sept. 11, 2018

Adjourn Meeting