Minutes for Nov. 8, 2016 POA Meeting

Meeting was held at the Christian Family Baptist Church and was called to order at 7:30 PM by President Eldon Rhodes.

Minutes from the September 20, 2016 meeting were read by President Eldon Rhodes and approved.

Treasurer’s report was read by Treasurer Tracy Pickering. Motion was made by Larry Pavlak and second by Albert Siller to approve the reports as given. All members approved the report.

Old Business

Linda sent out an email to property owners in reference to the dog pop needing to be picked up as the animals do their business

New Business

Plans were submitted, reviewed and approved for a new residence on 12219  Eucalyptus.

Question came up reference to the Xmas Lights whether we should put them up due to the construction of the new Sandra’ restaurant and possibly not having power.

A cleanup day was scheduled for Saturday November 19 at 9:00am.

Open Forum

We have a lot that was sold at 11107 White Birch to Juan Ayon. Sgt. at Arms Richard Garza spoke to the title company and informed them that we would need to review and approve building plans. There is also a lot that is being cleared on Grapevine.

Sgt. at Arms Richard Garza noticed that we have vehicles that are not running in some of the lots and that we need to send them a letter notifying them of the deed restrictions violation.

Next meeting will be held on January 10, 2017 for election of new officers.

Meeting adjourned at 7:45 PM