Minutes for July 16, 2019 POA Meeting

Meeting was held at the Christian Family Baptist Church and was called to order at 7:30 PM by President Gabriel Lara.

Minutes from the April 16, 2019 meeting were read and approved.

Treasurer’s report was read and approved.

Old Business

  1. Gabe contacted TCEQ regarding the barrels at 12153 Poinciana and has not received any word back yet.  Gabe to check with Code Compliance regarding the truck repair business at 11935 Grapevine and possible oil, etc. spillage.  Gabe to check on state licensing for the barbershop at 12038 Tallowood .  Possible next action regarding these businesses may be sending them the letter required by state statute. Linda to send Gabe a copy of this letter.

      2.  The EPA has dug holes  and is testing the soil and water.  This is a 2 – 5 year process.  Gabe has invited EPA representative, Jason McKinney to the next POA Meeting.  Gabe will check with Jason about mowing the River City Plating site.

New Business

  1. We have permission to cleanup the weeds and trees that are blocking the line of sight on the lot at Potranco & Silver Maple..  Gabe will set a date for the cleanup.  Linda will check with the county about the utility pole that is also blocking the line of sight.
  2. Linda will send out an email asking for bids on repairing the entry signs and will also check with Southwest Water Company who has indicated that they would help with the cost.
  3. Gabe called Code Compliance regarding the dead trees at Bois D’Arc and Silver Maple.
  4. City Council has not yet agreed  on an ordinance for fees and fines for our area.  Gabe will stay on top of this issue.

Open Forum

Gabe will check with Commissioner Chico Rodriguez regarding Brush pickup in our area.

Next meeting is October 15, 2019

Meeting adjourned at 8:14 PM








Coolcrest Meeting Agenda July 16, 2019

Read and approve minutes from April 16, 2019 meeting

Read and approve Treasurer’s report

Old Business

  1. Letters sent to property owners
  2. Update on River City Plating

New Business

  1. Cleanup at Potranco and Silver Maple
  2. New brick sign at entrance to subdivision
  3. Dead trees at Bois D’Arc and Silver Maple
  4. City of San Antonio Military Protection Ordinance

Open Forum

Next Meeting October 15, 2019

Adjourn Meeting